IRS Issues Warning About Hiring Non-Attorney Tax Resolution Groups

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IRS Issues Warning About Hiring Non-Attorney Tax Resolution Groups

warning against tax debt mills

The Internal Revenue Service issued a warning to taxpayers with pending tax bills to not hire non-attorney tax resolution groups falsely claiming they can settle a person’s tax debt for pennies on the dollar. 

As part of its annual scams warning list, the IRS labeled these unscrupulous tax companies as Offer in Compromise (OIC) “mills” that make “outlandish claims” in aggressive advertising. 

“These ‘mills’ contort the IRS program into something it’s not — misleading people with no chance of meeting the requirements while charging excessive fees, often thousands of dollars,” the IRS said in its warning. 

An OIC is an offer asking the IRS to settle tax liabilities for a lower amount under certain conditions. It is a regimented process that involves completing detailed financial records as well as calculating a reasonable amount to offer so it’s important to work with a local, licensed tax resolution attorney. 

However, the IRS cautions these OIC mills aggressively use local advertising tactics preying on taxpayer fears that in the end only costs honest taxpayers more of their money and time. 

STLTaxLawyer Mark Milton reminds taxpayers it’s important for buyers to beware when choosing between a professional, licensed tax attorney and a non-attorney tax resolution option. 

Listen to his podcast discussing the issue and contact us today for your tax resolution needs. 

Click the link to read the full IRS warning against OIC mills as part of its annual warning alerting taxpayers and the tax professional community about scams and schemes. 

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