Beware of Non-Attorney Tax Resolution Groups

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Beware of Non-Attorney Tax Resolution Groups

Many troubled taxpayers with liens placed against them by the IRS have likely received official looking letters and mailers from out-of-town, non-attorney tax resolution groups. These groups also aggressively pursue other marketing tactics preying on taxpayer fears.

It’s important for buyers to beware when choosing between a professional, licensed tax attorney and a non-attorney tax resolution option.

The biggest issue is if you aren’t working with an attorney on your tax resolution issues, then there is no attorney-client privilege when it comes to potential criminal prosecution. By working with non-attorneys on your tax issues, you are working with individuals who aren’t held to the same ethical standards that licensed attorneys must adhere to.

Also, most of these groups don’t have staffed offices in the cities where they market. They may pay a cheap, monthly lease in a big office building to have a physical address in the area you live, but there is nothing compared to having an actual tax attorney who you can walk into their office and talk about your issues with someone you see in your community and know who they are.

If you have tax problems – whether you want to hire us at The STL Tax Lawyer or another local firm – it’s important you work with a tax attorney who can provide holistic options to your tax problems through a breadth of knowledge and experience in the tax world that basic, non-attorney tax resolution groups are unable to provide.

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Click this podcast link to listen to The STL Tax Lawyer Mark Milton discuss more about out-of-town, non-attorney tax resolution groups.

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