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“Trusted Legal Representation for Troubled Taxpayers”

Are you currently sideways with the IRS?

Do you have years of unfiled tax returns keeping you up at night?

Are you facing tax liens, bank levies, or wage garnishments?

If so, you should contact former Department of Justice Tax Division attorney Mark Milton today!

Mark and the Milton Law Group team provide a local and holistic approach to tax resolution with upfront and transparent pricing.

If you have years of unfiled tax returns, then schedule a consultation to solve your IRS problems today!

Call 314-668-8696

As part of the consultation, Mark will review the facts of your matter, along with any relevant documents and/or notices you provide, and advise you on potential options, strategies, and next steps.

The cost of the 30-minute consultation is $300, which would be credited toward any future representation costs should you hire our firm to assist with your matter.

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